Class GuiBackElement

public class GuiBackElement extends StaticGuiElement
An element that will not appear if there is no previous history, but will go back one step if there is
  • Constructor Details

    • GuiBackElement

      public GuiBackElement(char slotChar, org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack item, String... text)
      An element used to go back in history of the gui
      slotChar - The character to replace in the gui setup string
      item - The ItemStack representing this element
      text - The text to display on this element, placeholders are automatically replaced, see InventoryGui.replaceVars(java.lang.String, java.lang.String...) for a list of the placeholder variables. Empty text strings are also filter out, use a single space if you want to add an empty line!
      If it's not set/empty the item's default name will be used
  • Method Details

    • getItem

      public org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack getItem(org.bukkit.entity.HumanEntity who, int slot)
      Description copied from class: GuiElement
      Get the item that is displayed by this element on a certain page
      getItem in class StaticGuiElement
      who - The player who views the page
      slot - The slot to get the item for
      The ItemStack that is displayed as this element